The five a day rule of dieting

The concept of healthy diet is about living a healthier life. This has been made easy by the five a day rule of dieting. The five a day rule is the recommendation of experts which says that you eat a minimum of five times a day fruits and vegetables. This will make you lower fat and increase vitamin consumption leading to a better health. This is one of the most important but easiest changes you can make towards healthy living.

There are many reasons for increasing your consumption of vegetables and fruits. These include the following. They are highly nutritious; they are very delicious and colourful. They are also not expensive, but they are always available. It is very difficult to find all this advantages associated with any other group of food.

Buy them in Growing Season
If you want make fruits and vegetables even more affordable, the best thing do is that you buy these fruits and vegetables during their growing season. Fruits and vegetables have their particular seasons when they are usually grown. If they are out of season, then you will have to buy fruits and vegetables that are frozen, dried or canned. When they are fresh and in season, fruits and vegetables are not expensive. You can find them in farmers markets and even at roadside stands in addition to grocery stores.

Health benefits of fruits and vegetables

Study after study has shown that fruits and vegetables in the diet have a lot of many benefits for the body. Healthy diets which contain a lot of vegetables and fruits play important roles in the prevention of infections, protecting the heart and even in reducing the risk of getting some kinds of cancer.
Increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption

One interesting way to increase your consumption of vegetables and fruits is to garnish your other foods with them. For example, you can add blueberries, bananas and strawberries to the cereals you eat in the morning. This is gives a great flavour to the cereal.

There are a lot of people who have testified that eating vegetables and fruits has led to tremendous changes in their health.

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