The Final Verdict on Cardio and Weight Loss


cardiorunningweightloss People expecting to reduce body weight and burn excessive fat content have a feeling that cardio is the best way for achieving it. Cardio has been considered as the best method to burn calories and it reduces calories not only during the session but also after the sessions are complete.

It helps increases the metabolism rate of the human body. It is also supposed to help put the body into calorie deficit. It is also considered as the best way for burning body fats.

Based on various studies by science that quotes on such cardio and based on what people are generally following and based on the data given in magazines as well as the internet, we cannot hide the obvious facts, which are realistic and true.

Cardio can definitely help in burning our calories or reducing fat but the amount of weight loss that can be achieved or the amount of fat that can be burned as well as the metabolism rate that can be raised by doing such cardio activities are very low and it does not make any difference to the shape and our body physique.

Still more examples that are realistic can be quoted to explain the actual truth about cardio, by comparing people doing such activities and people who do not do cardio.

Body builders who are professional and take utmost care in maintaining their body fitness and health can be considered as an example to explain this reality. No body builder who is pro in weight exercises do cardio and examples are people like Gerard Dente, Charles Darrem, and Vince Taylor.

They never do cardio even at off-season or at pre contest. They never use tools like Treadmills or bikes and stair steppers for doing cardio or aerobic exercises though they are the most admirable body builders with well-defined and amazing muscular structure. They are better when compared to people who do cardio every day.

There might be a question about the health of our heart. Well, the actual truth is that we get a much better workout on our heart muscles while we do pull-ups, presses and other big weight lifting exercises.

Doing a leg press with huge weights can give our heart more workout than using a Treadmill. Cardio can never be used for building muscle mass. Cardio exercises are said to be catabolic and they tend to eat up our muscles.


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    What a load of cods wallop, look at swimmers who have to eat 12000 calories a day just to keep alive, whilst these body builders eat nothing, plus they still cannot beat a swimmers physique. Talk to a doctor and he will tell you the truth, cardio is the only way to get your heart pumping, but if you want big muscles, weights work, but the combination of both will get you looking good and feeling good.