The Drawbacks of Cardio Workouts


cardiodrawback People who are working hard for losing fat and excess weight have to be reminded of the fact that cardio is not the only way to burn body fat. There are lots of exercises apart from cardio workouts, which people don’t think about.

Most people are obsessed with the fact that low intensity cardio workouts can be the best way to reduce fat and excess body weight, which is not true and is merely a myth, which has become widespread.

It has been talked about for years that cardio could reduce weight and when we reach the fat burning zone, our metabolism increases and we lost all the excess fat in our body.

It is just a false fact that has been widespread but in reality a lot of people who do low intensity workouts each day by going to the gym and running all day on treadmills have not lost weight but instead gained weight.

Many people who have worked for weeks and months could not lose their fat and also the people who even practiced high intense workouts could not lose their body fat that easily.

This is because cardio workouts are not the only way to lose excess fat but there are lots of other options for that. The science and research has proven that cardio can seem to reduce weight for the beginners once they start to workout for cardio but soon they can see that their body gets adapted to the cardio workouts and they do not lose any weight.

Since cardio can be very monotonous and repetitive our body becomes quickly adapted to such workouts and the metabolism is completely stopped.

The best way to reduce fat is to work more and more and this can make us frustrated at last. So, the best way to reduce fat is to switch to other body workouts.

Since our body gets adapted, they begin to use the low energy and also begin to store fat, which is how our body gets programmed by such routines. So, we have to do body workouts like lunging, squatting, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and other weight reduction exercises to lose fat.

We can go to a physical trainer and seek their advice in doing such workouts and come out with the plan. We can manage our diet and see that we don’t consume food that has more oil or fat. Also, we should switch to body and free weight workouts and do intense training to reduce fat.