The Dangers of Taking Diet Pills


Everyday it seems like there is a new diet pill on the market. These pills always promise the same thing, all we have to do is swallow them and all of our unwanted weight will just melt away and we will look like a supermodel. Not only do these pills seldom work, many of them actually put your health in serious danger.

The Physical Effects of Diet Pills

Metabolism is a funny thing. When we are young, our metabolism seems to work in hyper drive, no matter how much or what we eat, we never seem to gain weight. As we age our metabolism slows down and we find ourselves looked in a perpetual struggle with weight. Diet pills actually cause our metabolism to slow even more. By suppressing our appetite, the pills cause us to stop ingesting calories. Our bodies adapt to this change by slowing our metabolism. When our metabolism slows too much, so does our circulation and respiration rates, and we start developing a variety of serious health problems, like heart attacks, raised cholesterol, elevated blood pressure and strokes.

A slowing metabolism isn’t the only danger diet pills present to your health. The chemical reaction the pills have on our bodies can trigger serious bouts of depression, impotence, digestive problems, anxiety, hair loss and kidney damage.

The health problems caused by the ingestion of diet pills are often permanent. Not only do they affect you, but they also take a toll on your family and friends.

The Chemical Dangers of Diet Pills

Some people actually start to develop a chemical dependency on their diet pills. They aren’t able to get through the day without swallowing several of the pills. An addiction to diet pills is just as serious as an addiction to prescription pills or alcohol. The best way to make sure that you don’t become addicted to diet pills is to never start taking them.

Instead of taking diet pills you should opt for healthier method of dieting. Eat a diet that is heavy in fruits and vegetables and light on fast food, get lots of exercise, get plenty of sleep and drink water instead of soda. It’ll take some time, but you will start to lose weight while staying healthy.

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