The Correct Way to Perform the Deadlift in Powerlifting

Deadlift Exercise

deadlift The deadlift is a great exercise when training for overall muscle development and strength at speed. If you are weight training then your routine must include the deadlift.

There are numerous different ways to complete the deadlift; however the one that will prove most useful for increasing muscle mass is the power lift version. Below, you will see the important elements when using the powerlifting deadlift.

Carefully select your stance

There are two stances to choose from; there is the sumo stance or the conventional stance. Firstly, the conventional version is where your legs are closer together and your hands are on the outside. The sumo version is the opposite, wide legs with hands towards the inside.

The conventional stance is great for heavier weights developing both back and other muscles. One drawback is if your arms are short you may put undue pressure on your back making it susceptible to injury.

If you have short arms or are not very good at conventional deadlifts then the sumo version is an alternative to try.

Push your hips forward

Whilst performing the deadlift it is important to ensure that your hips are pushed forward throughout the whole movement. From picking up the bar through to lockout the hips should be forward at all times.

Head back

If you are used to doing the powerlifting squat then you will know the importance of keeping your head back. This is not the same as keeping your head. What you need to do is keep your head tucked into your traps, which will keep your chest out and the exercise movements correct.

Mix Your Grip

When you are a beginner and doing the deadlift you will be using a standard grip. But you may need to use the mixed grip when holding the bar to prevent it slipping from your hands. The mixed grip basically means that one of your hands is over the bar and one is under the bar.

This way of holding the bar will prevent the weight bar from rolling away from you and it may enable you to lift more weight than you could with the standard matched grip. You can also prevent your hands from slipping by adding chalk to your grip.