The AB Lounge: Is this machine really effective


ablounge Not to put too fine a point on it, but most fitness experts say the popular “ab lounger” advertised on TV is, well, let’s call it “bogus,” as the kids say.

One of the first of these, say fitness experts, was something called “The AB Rocker,” back in 1998. People who bought this contraption soon found out that it did nothing for the abdominal muscles that regular crunches didn’t do. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of people simply wasted their $20.

Well, today’s “AB Lounger” is yesterday’s “AB Rocker,” say physical fitness trainers. End of story, not quite.

People who have back problems insist that devices like the AB Lounger are helpful for them, since they can do regular crunches because of their back ailments. While experts acknowledge this may be true, there are ways to do crunches that are possible even for folks with bad backs.

In fact some of the modifications are designed by physical therapists specifically to enable people with bad backs to do abdominal exercises that will strengthen their abs to support their backs.

However, anyone who’s thinking an “AB lounger” would be more effective than other exercises, eliminate stomach fat, or help them lose weight quicker, well; you’ve been caught by the hype. Come out of the fantasy.

Trainers say that an “AB lounger” is LESS effective than crunches. In general, when using any kind of machine, rather than the strength of muscles, to exercise, what happens is that the machines do part of the work.

When doing exercises off machines, you have to engage the stabilizer muscles, such as with any kind of weight training, to keep the weight in place. The more muscles you use, the better your results. So much for the first claim of greater effectiveness.

Experts also say that an “AB Lounger” WON’T eliminate stomach fat. In fact, NO exercise will get rid of stomach fat. This is a common myth known as “spot reduction” and trainers say it just isn’t true, because it’s scientifically impossible to target fat on a single body part. Only proper nutrition will eliminate body fat. That takes care of the weight loss claim.

So in the end, save your money, say fitness trainers. Keep up basic abdominal exercises like leg raises and crunches. Eat a nutritionally balanced diet in proper proportions, and work out regularly. With effort and determination, you’ll have a lean, fit body, and you won’t waste money.


  • Kyle

    If its “Scientifically Impossible to get rid pf fat in a certain part of the body then how did I get the 6-Pack by doing crunches???
    How could nutrition eleminate stomach fat??? It takes exercises and most importantly crunchs and push ups to tone and get rid of fat???
    They invented the Ab Lounger to aid people along with diet and regular exercise to generate a fat stomach and even a 6 pack.
    I used ab lounge or 3 months with a rep of 300-500+ a day and got the first 6-pack i ever got in my life!!!

    This article is “bogus” as children would say and evidently who ever wrote this article is IGNORANT and thought that they could sit their fat ass up and EAT EAT EAT, not do any exercise, and use the Ab lounge hoping to get a 6-pack —-PLEAZ!

    Ab lounge is the best thing that ever happened to me.
    Take that from a 16 year old

  • Ablounge works

    You have to do 300-500 a day and maybe weekends for a rest for ab lounge to work. IT DOES WORK! The people saying it doesn’t work only use it for like.. 5 minutes a day…

  • Kristen

    Although it’s a hard pill to swallow after years of marketing fitness machines and diet supplements, this rings far truer than anything else I’ve seen in a long time. Kyle, maybe your success is due to your commitment and effort rather than the tool? Maybe you were able to do more reps with the Lounger’s aid but it wasn’t really the machine that got you the results. And to the other person, maybe those who only use it for 5 minutes just end up realizing its not any more effective? I think I’ll take thaw guys’ word for it and work on diet and consistency rather than how much money I spend to get in shape.

  • Lori

    I am a 45 year old woman with thyroid disorder and a hormonal disorder that causes insulin resistance in me. Because I exercise and eat well (I like to cook), I’ve never been more than 15-20 pnds overweight, but my disorders cause ALOT of ab weight. I bought the ab lounger on sale and I like it very much. I used to be a fitness instructor and know all the ab moves. I also do them right. But I never got such immediate results than with this lounger. It takes half the time as well. I have not changed eating habits and NEVER diet because I like to eat and drink what I want. It is working for me and peps my energy. Great for a good ab and back stretch. I think how it works better than just situps is the moves are more effective in half the time with the machine. Think what you want, but it was worth every penny for me. Especially when doctors told me I would never tone up my abs unless I went on the Atkins Diet. That was the total BS. Eat good fats, quality and fresh foods, take the time to COOK, and exercise each day differently (except use the ab lounger everyday with the exercise) in small amounts at least 5 days each week. Eat, drink, work your body and be merry

  • stephen ruff

    hey guys well i just started using the abs lounger and i’m doing 200 to 300 a day just to start me off and running a mile plus a diet i’m only 24 but with a belly on me aka beer belly only started on 3 days ago so i see how it goes but do feel the burn on my belly next day so much be doing something i’ll should write back in a week let you know how i’m getting on . i’m 13 stone 5 foot 6 so see how i feel and look soon