The 1 secret to keeping off weight


Have you tried just about everything that offers to shed the extra pounds? Yet they keep returning like a false penny. Well, you are in the right place here.

There are several things that claim and make promises to help you lose weight through diets, surgery, supplements, drugs, food restrictions, hard exercises and such other nearly crazy to absolutely crazy stuff. However, most often, all that they do is cause temporary weight loss and you gain back the weight you lost as soon as you lose it.

Following is the secret that will help you keep those shed pounds from returning back.

Energy balance is the key

Keeping your energy balance steady is the secret to keep your weight off. Energy balance is nothing but simply a balance of your energy intake and energy output. If you eat more calories than you can burn, then they will accumulate in your body in the form of fat and your weight increases.

This is a very common and known fact, however few people seem to realise the importance of this fact.

It does not matter if you eat a lot or too little, as long as you match it with enough exercise or physical activity. A manual labourer eats a lot more calories than an office-going guy and yet, he tends to stay slim. Therefore, the point is not how much you eat or how much you exercise. The point is that you balance the two.

How to maintain the balance?

It is true that it is easy to say that you can keep off weight by maintaining a steady balance of energy. However, not many can tell how to do this.

If you focus on eating less, then that will cause an imbalance of nutrients in your body and can affect your health. However, if you eat more then you will gain weight.

In addition, if you concentrate on too much exercise, then again you will need more food. If you do not eat well then you might injure yourself.

Therefore, the bottom-line is that you find out your daily requirement of calories. Everybody is different. So, find out your own calorie requirement and how much exercise you need. This will help you prepare your own diet and exercise plan, which will help you keep your weight off.