Teenage Skin Problems And Its Solutions

teenage skin problems

teenage skin problems Teen age comes with a series of issues. One of the most common problems is related to skin. Are acne, black spots, pigmentation, breakouts and suchlike keeping you sleepless at night?

Do you hide your skin with full-sleeved dresses and heavy base concealer? Hormonal changes during puberty and late teenage are the reasons behind these skin menaces. It’s time for a change! With the following skin tips, teenage skin problem will never bring you down. Read on to discover more.

Understanding Your Skin Type

Skin problems vary with skin types. Acne and pimples are usually faced by oily skin, whereas people with dry skin are afflicted by patchy and drab skin.
Determining your skin type is the most important step towards skin care. Once you have figured out your skin type, remedies will come in much handy. It is always good to consult a dermatologist in case you’re unsure of your skin type.


An exfoliator helps remove the first layer of the skin & exposes a clearer skin beneath. It is important to exfoliate the skin at least 2 times a week. Apply a face mask followed by exfoliator. A mask opens the pores of the skin and clears them. You can go for a clay mask which is known best for its cleansing properties. Make sure you scrub very softly in circular motion. If you rub your skin hard, it will be more prone to break outs.

If Your Skin Is Dull, Use the Following:

Mix lemon juice, cucumber juice and rose water. Apply the mixture on your face and neck and leave it on for 15 minutes. Do not leave for more than 15 minutes. Rinse with water for a seemingly glowing skin.

If Your Skin Is Dry, Patchy And Rough,

Mix egg yolk in few drops of lemon and olive oil. Leave it on the face till your skin feels stretched. Rinse with water.

For Weary Eyes,

A mixture of lime juice and ice-cold water.

Be Sun Safe

Nothing ruins a good skin as much as the harmful UV rays of the sun do. It is important to be sun safe when you go out in the day time. Use a sunscreen lotion with a minimum of SPF 40 to create a sun safe shield over your skin. You can also go for an anti pollution powder that are widely available in the market. Apply tomato pulp before bathing and rinse with water on to do away with sun tan.

For Instant Glow:

For an instant glow, apply papaya pulp on your skin. Papaya gives the skin a flawless and natural glow in just minutes. Apply the pulp on your face and neck and rinse with cold water once the skin starts to stretch. This tip can be used by those who have sensitive skin too.

With these tips, you will never have to worry about skin problems again. Having healthy skin does not require hard work and all it needs is to take proper care of it and you are least likely to encounter any problems.

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