Symptoms of Stress

Stress is a silent killer as chronic stress can lead to a hampering of the overall health of a person. While stress in small quantities can produce useful responses like alerting the brain system and bringing about quick energy, chronic stress can lead to various health disorders like spasms of the arteries, increased cholesterol, increase in muscle tension and other problems which can lead to serious heart related problems and other serious ailments like diabetes, sleeplessness, obesity, depression and others.

In today’s fast and competitive world, stress has become a common factor owing to numerous personal, professional and social pressures. Factors like high expectations, personal differences, economic crisis and various other factors can lead to the gradual building up of stress in one’s body which in turn can turn into a silent killer over a period of time. There are various ways of identifying a stressed person. Some of the behavioral symptoms of stress include the moving of person into wrong habits like smoking or drinking or by the affected person’s increased intake of tea or coffee. Similarly, social withdrawal, nail biting, hair pulling and obsessive compulsive behavior are all behavioral symptoms associated with the problem of stress.

There are also emotional symptoms exhibited by a stresses person like irritability, anxiety, aggression, nightmares and even irrational behavior. Other symptoms like forgetfulness, lack in clarity of thinking, constant worry and indecisiveness are cognitive symptoms associated with the problem of stress. According to medical research, a stressed person also exhibits physical symptoms of sweaty palms, restlessness, dry mouth, frequent urination, diarrhea, backache and nausea. A stressed person should be given immediate care and attention along with emotional support as stress is a silent killer which can become fatal over a period of time and can hamper one’s happy and healthy life.

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