Suryanamaskar Is The Perfect Way To Tone Your Body



This exercise is the best for the people who don’t have much time to spend for hour long workout. There is no other better solution than this. Drink a glass of water before sitting and you actually start performing the suryanamaskar. Do a bit of warming up and then straight way you can start the yoga or suryanamaskar. This is one part of the yogasana

If you want to tone your body and remain slim and trim just do the exercise daily. Start doing ten times in a day. This has to be preformed in the morning for the effective result. You can expand the number of times or countings as per your capacity to do. It is best if you can reach daily hundred times or more than that. This will be very effective. You can even see the result within a few days of your performance.

However, doing hundred times or more than this is not possible in the initial days. You can increase the number of countings day by day. Keep in your mind that you will not decrease the counting instead of increasing the number.


Do this daily you will see tremendous improvement in your outlook and even in your mental thinking. Doing suryanamaskar does not benefit only to reduce your fat and trim it but it has the greater power to boost your mind as well.

Healthy food

Besides performing this exercise, you must eat and drink healthy food and drinks to balance your body. Without eating right food it may not yield that effective result.  So, you must see your food and at the same time do the exercise daily. Try to finish fast as possible as you can so that you can save time. However, suryanamaskar do not take much time. Save time and remain slim.


  • alice

    nice info dear…really gud 1

  • Suryanamaskar is d best n i think itz true ppl who do not of sufficient time cn practice sn daily.n if u do it 4 108 time u dnt need 2 do nything

  • Neha

    Its recommended to eat within 10-30 minutes of waking up. Can we eat before Suryanamaskar & Pranayam . I practice yoga daily but I am confused about the eating part. Please help.


  • Farhana

    Neha it is better to drink a glass of water in the morning n then start ur yoga session..after the session u can eat after 30 mins…say after taking bath…u cab eat…

  • Chhavi

    One should practice yoga empty stomach.

  • Das

    The best exercise for everybody; for young and old with hundreds of health benefits. Can only realize when we do it minimum a hundred times a day especially in mornings before sunrise.

  • Sushil

    I firmly believe that s.n. is the best physical routine. I hv bn practicing it for 6 months at least 125 per day and what an awesome physiq I got by it… Fantastic… No matter that what type of physical u do or what sport u play… I strongly recommend it for it for best results in any sport or physical exercise..
    Do it regular and enjoy the super charged life…

  • Payal

    i do practice surya namaskar daily. 25 in the morning and 25 in the evening. it has helped me a lot. not only that i have loose weight but i also feel fresh, energetic, stress free.

    25 times makes one avitri – one complete circle

    it has also helped me to control my short temper behaviour.

    Also if one practices surya namaskar, it also helps in improve our karma – one can check in vedas also…

  • Bunty Gandhi

    25 means.One surya namaskar round involves 12 steps. So 25 round surya namaskar ? Indeed good. And I am agree with that it helps in feeling positive.