Sunscreen And Skin

Everybody knows how important is to wear a sunscreen before going to the direct heat of sun. If you choose not to wear sunscreen because you think it’s too greasy, it will clog your pores, it’s too expensive or it stings your eyes when you sweat, then you are absolutely wrong as Sunscreen is one of the important things for your makeup bag.

Wearing a sunscreen can keep you away from skin cancer and premature aging of skin. As tanning is not good for your skin so you may prefer to wear sunscreen before going to direct heat of sun.

Importance of wearing sunscreen– Before going to direct sunlight, a person should apply a sunscreen either an ointment or cream containing chemicals that are helpful to protect the skin by filtering out direct UV rays.

Sunscreen contains substances para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) and benzophenone which absorbs UV lights. PABA doesn’t immediately bind strongly to the skin. You should apply sunscreen to your skin 30 minutes before going out in the sun. PABA may cause allergy to the skin in some people. Many sunscreens contain both benzophenone and PABA and this combination is very good for the protection of skin.

Some sunscreens are also called sun blocks and they contain physical barriers such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide. These are thick and white ointments that block almost all the sunlight from the skin. These ointments can be applied on sensitive areas of skin such as nose and also lips. Any person is allowed to use them with other traditional chemical blockers by giving more protection from sunrays. Above all the things, the most important thing is selection of sunscreen that suits your skin type.

Selection of sunscreen according to your face:
First, determine your skin’s color and also ability to tan.

If you are having dark skin, there is a strong need of sunscreen then.

Take a sunscreen that provides moisture to skin and avoid dryness.

You can choose the sunscreen based on daily activities. If you are going to water you can choose waterproof sunscreen or if going some other place choose the sunscreen according to that condition.

Check the label of sunscreen and always prefer to use sunscreen that provides UVA or UVB protection.

Always choose the sunscreen that is specifically made up according to your skin type as a sunscreen specially made up for your skin will prove more gentle for your skin.

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