Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is always the great time of the year when you can provide your body with that healthy tan color and protecting it form the extreme effects of sunburn, dry and baked lips as well as skin cancer caused by sun-scorched. Summer is the season when everything around you is so hot and sweaty. A sweaty face is unable to hold makeup. So, it can be very difficult to stay with make up but the following summer makeup tips are the great ideas of getting a perfect makeup even in the month of May and June when sun’s heat is on its peak.

• Avoid using lip liner before applying the lipstick on your lips as lip liner doesn’t appears good at this time of the year.
• Don’t try to apply a heavy foundation on your face during summer season. For lighter look use a tined moisturizer which is applied with a sponge and also it will helpful to applied in equal amount.
• If you have heavy and curly hair you should apply a deep conditioner to your hair as it may prove helpful to manage them also save them from harmful sunrays.
• Use eyeliner pencil of slate gray, warm chocolate or navy shades with a light hand.
• You should opt an oil free formula in summer, be sure the skin care products are free from oils as in summers your face goes sticky because of humidity.
• Remove under-eye foundation or powder buildup with a clean cotton swab. Resist the temptation to reapply unless you feel it absolutely necessary.
• It proves worst if you got mascara is running on your cheeks. If you are planning to a beach holiday or going to a wedding always choose waterproof mascara. Swap your black mascara for one that is either brown-black or brown.
• Curl your lashes and use glossy black shade on them to make them appear longer and your eyes bigger. Use only a very fine line with eyeliner.
• If you must apply foundation, mix it with loose powder to keep you looking fresh throughout the day.
After going through these summer makeup tips you can able to look great in hot and sweaty summers.

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