Stuttering-Major Problem In Children

Stuttering is a speech disorder, it is mainly found in the children of age 2-5. Children having stuttering problem (speaking disorder) may have some problems like repeating certain syllabus, making no sounds for some particular phrases and words. Stuttering in children is a form of dysfluency which is form of interruption in flow of speech.
Causes-There are number of reasons that can cause stuttering in children. Some of the major causes of stuttering are mentioned below:

• This is a parenting problem if the parents having stuttering problem the chances of stuttering will be high in him as well.
• Low intelligence, lack of confidence and emotional problems can’t associate with stuttering in children.
• Stuttering is related to brain function that regulates speech functions.
• Some children response stress, fatigue or excitement. Stuttering in children can also be triggered if a child feels self-conscious or stressed.
• Differences in brain processing of language are also known to be the probable reasons of speaking disorder.

How To Treat The Child-Stuttering effects commonly to the pre school children. No special treatment is required in most of the cases as it removes automatically when child grew older. Following treatment tips of stuttering in children can help you:

• Listen patiently to your child.
• Don’t scold your child. Handle them with love and care.
• Be the best teacher of your child; allow talking to be fun and enjoyable.
• Speak slowly to your child so that he feels less rushed.
• Praise your child on his achievements.
• Make an eye contact. Don’t try to correct your child or interrupt while talking.
• Try to minimize the stress and tension of your child as it is the main cause of stuttering in children.
• Don’t tell the child to think before talking.
• Let your child speak for himself or herself, and allow your child to finish thoughts and sentences. Pause before responding to your child’s questions or comments.
• You can use family meal as a conversation time and discussed whole day’s doing of your child as it will help you to be friendlier with your child.
• A child can be stutter to talk about a new or complicated topic. Help them to learn new things at that time.
• If the child seeks obvious facial tension then it will better to consult the professional.

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