Stop Flaky Powder Makeup

Stop Flaky Powder Makeup

Stop Flaky Powder Makeup

One of the many secrets to our makeup kit is powder to finish off the job. Many women seem to have trouble with powder makeup because they don’t know how to apply it properly and that can leave you with a flaky look. Nobody wants to look like peeling paint. Follow these few simple instructions and you can say bye-bye to shine and flakes and finish up beautifully.

When applying powder to your face to give your makeup the finishing touches, you want to use a large brush. Use the small ones for your blush and eye shadow. Be sure to buy loose powder that has been milled at least 3 times or is micronized. Dip the large brush into the powder and shake off all of the excess and sweep the brush across your face just once.

Eye Shadow

The micronized powder is extra light and easier to work with. It will also look invisible if applied right and this will prevent you from looking flaky. Also remember that if you apply the powder on too thick over top your liquid base, this can cause that caked look.

By following these helpful tips for applying your powder, you will have a beautiful glow to your makeup. No longer will you have the need to carry around blotting papers to keep away the shine since your powder will be able to do the job for you.

Beauty Products

It will also prevent you from having to do touch-ups. The last thing we want to do is carry around an arsenal of beauty products when we are out on a dinner date. A simple little intervention of applying your powder correctly will give you the confidence to go out in the world and show off all of your beauty.

One of the other benefits of using powder is that it keeps your makeup from shifting and migrating all over your face. It helps to keep it dry and shine free. So, learn how to apply it properly and you will be able to live shine free and everything will stay in place.