No wonder that a healthy diet helps in maintaining a healthy body and a healthy soul, but care must be taken that the diet you follow must be a proper one which supplies your body with all necessary nutrients.

Following a diet does not mean cutting down the intake of your food. It actually means the change in your lifestyle with respect to food. You must take care that the diet you have is sufficient in proteins, vitamins, fibres, fat, minerals and other necessary nutrients.

For example, lot of oily stuff like French fries, carbonated beverages like coke etc can be cut down since the health value that they give to your body is nil. The key to attaining a healthy body lies in following a proper diet and doing regular exercises along with the diet to balance the functions of the body.

There is not a single diet that will work for all. Depending on your body metabolism; the diet has to be chosen. The usual diet consisting of juices and fruits may not work for all since the body composition of every individual differs.

The best diet that must be followed for maintaining a healthy body is that your breakfast must be a rich source of energy to you. Breakfast is the most important meal for the day and it must never be skipped. A heavy breakfast with sufficient calories starts your day in a healthy manner.

The mid meals again are very important in maintaining a healthy state. The mid meal must comprise of any liquid diet that can make you refreshing. Then comes the lunch. The lunch must consist of salads with raw vegetables that would supply your body with the necessary calories required. Carbohydrates and fat must never be taken together. Lot of raw vegetables in your diet can make you healthier.

An evening light snack is a must along with some tea or coffee. The main part to be followed in a proper diet is the dinner. The dinner you eat must be like the food eaten by a beggar, in the sense that overeating at night tends your health to go down, since the digestion of the food is not carried out properly during the night due to lack of physical labour.

Thus, a 5 course meal at regular intervals is the best diet to be followed to maintain a healthy life. Do not quit meals, thinking you are dieting. A diet only means eating the right food at the right time.

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