Sticking to Weight Loss Goals


weightexercisediet Many people are highly motivated when they start off on a weight loss program. It actually looks, sounds and feels very exciting that you have launched yourself on a project that helps you to look forward to something great.

At times one tends to lose the motivation to stick to this weight loss regimen. The best way to maintain the motivation is to ensure that you have your sense of accountability and responsibility.

You can do this by having a buddy who is also working on losing weight, just like you. You can stay in touch through phone and discuss what you ate during the day.

You can take walks and go to the gym together. Having someone doing it with you and for the same targets will take you there in a far faster and steadier way.

However, in order to make and stick to the weight loss targets, you must understand what your goals are. You should make a diary for weight loss. Write down your targets and your reasons for deciding to lose weight. Keep reminding yourself why you wish to lose weight.

You can stick the notes around your house, in the car or if possible, at work also. This will keep you motivated and remind you why it is important to you. You should talk to yourself and tell yourself why it is a priority for you.

Use the technique of reward and punishment for yourself. When you lose weight, you must reward yourself by treating yourself to something special (not food) and punish yourself for any target not met.

Punishment can be setting you to an extra session of workout or a job like mopping the floor or scrubbing the bathroom. This activity should also be the one that helps you burn calories.

Also keep a record of the activities that you perform and keep a track of the punishments and rewards that you have given yourself over a certain period of time.

This will help you to understand your body and the work it performs during exercise and activities for weight loss.