Steps To Make Instant Cappuccino Recipe

instant cappuccino recipe

instant cappuccino recipe Who can say “no” to the company of a steaming cup of hot coffee and good friends? It’s quite hard to resist. Coffee has always been the esteemed drink that you can think with.

While you are working late into the night, it keeps you company, not only that, it keeps you awake through out the night when you have an important examination paper the next day!

Drinking black coffee is a very hip thing! All this but, making a coffee is not only the sugar milk and the coffee part…you have to master the perfect blend to give that premium taste. More over the famous coffee parlor that you seem to have made your second home, can become little expensive at the fag end of the month too…

So how about gearing up to make some at home and invite your friend circle for that coffee table gossip. Be it the simple milk-cream coffee, the hot and the cold cappuccino the latte, the mocha…a little tip and “a lot can happen over a cup of coffee”.


1 cup non dairy creamer
1/2 tbsp cinnamon powder
Whipped cream
¾ cup instant Coffee granules
½ cup Powdered Demerara or brown sugar
1 Cup of hot chocolate
Hand blender
Mixing bowls


Begin with by mixing the cinnamon, the sugar and the instant coffee very well with the blender. Subsequently, mix the milk powder or the non dairy cream and the hot chocolate in the bowl and mix well so that there are no lumps and are evenly mixed.  Shift both the mixed ingredients into a container that is well sealed.

Bring out the coffee mugs. Pour 2-3 heaped table spoons of the mixed ingredients in to the mugs and add the hot milk gradually. Leave a little space and do not fill the liquid milk to the brim, as you will have to add the whipped cream.

Stir it well. Let the liquid settle and do not add the whipped cream just now, for it may topple out. With the help of a wide head spoon, carefully scoop the cream and top it off on the mug. Serve it and enjoy it with your favorite cookies!


During the summer, all you need is the cold or the chilled milk and carry out the same process, to have the glass of a cold cappuccino. The mixed ingredients of the coffee, sugar and the non-dairy cream can be preserved for a week if you want to.

If you want to make your own cappuccino, that’s a single cup. Then take the mug (preferably large) and put the sugar and the coffee in it and with help of the hand blender there in the mug itself. Mix it till it creams out. Add the dairy powder and further mix well, add the milk (hot or cold) in to the mug and top off with the cream. You can sprinkle little cocoa powder or a pinch of chocolate powder to get the added taste.

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