Spouses of Smokers at Risk for Stroke

Smoking is not only injurious to health of a person who smokes but all those nonsmokers who inhale the smoke or present in the smoking environment. Such smoke is called secondhand smoke. It has been confirmed by the health professionals now that nonsmokers who are married to someone who smokes run the increased risk for a heart stroke. In one of the issues of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine researchers have stated the findings that the intensity of risk depends on whether the nonsmoking spouse has smoked in the past. Secondhand smoke is all the more prone to develop heart disease. Some studies have stated the direct risk of heart stroke or heart attack. Some researchers say that problem is serious only if the woman also smoked in the past.

The researchers should not only evaluated cigarette use but cigars or pipe tobacco also be taken into account. Researchers kept track of the participants, couples for about nine years to analyze the occurrence of first stroke. They found that there were 1,130 first strokes reported in the duration of research. Having married to a smoker augmented the risk of a first stroke by 42% for those who never smoked. The risk of stroke was greater for smokers in the past who were married to current smokers. There was a 72% increased risk for stroke for former smokers who married a smoking spouse as compared to those who were married to a never-smoker.

Couples can only save the risk if the spouse drops the habit of smoking. Couples who have never smoked and who are married to a former smoker have the equal stroke risk as never-smokers married to never-smokers. The health benefits of quitting smoking can now be easily estimated and all those indulged in this injurious habit should get determined to quit as soon as possible.

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