Smart And Healthy Way Of Eating Out


To live a healthy lifestyle, most of us are suggested to stop eating out. It is true that we should try our best to avoid eating out. However, sometimes situation compels us to have our food out.  Another fact is that, sometimes we just want to chill out by going out and eat out with friends and pals. Being realistic, we should rather know DOs and Don’ts while you have plans to eat out.

Many of us order salads thinking that it would do great for our health. However unintentionally, we make the healthy diet unhealthy by adding various kinds of dressings and sauces. So be watchful about the amount of dressings or sauce you use.

The next thing most of us think healthy is the soup. However, the healthy aspect of soup depends upon your choice of order out of different kinds of soups. My intention is to make you aware that you should avoid ordering cream based soup, which are rich in fats and calorie.

If you are fond of grilled dishes then make it a point to mention in your order to grill the ingredients of your dish without butter or oil or by using very little oil.

While having your main course or starters or anything else, which requires sauce to be added then you choose for tomatoes sauce comparing to other cream based sauce. In case you have ordered sandwiches, you can choose mustard sauce rather than mayonnaise.

Many of us usually prefer to have sweetened soda or any other alcoholic beverages while eating out. However, I would suggest you to have water or any other unsweetened drink along with your food.
Specifically mention in your order to add fresh herbs for flavor or decoration purpose rather than adding fats, butter or creams.

Last but not the least, you should not hesitate asking whether the restaurant or hotel has the provision of low calorie meal or dishes and then you can order without of much thinking.

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