Slow Metabolism


Metabolism is an activity that involves the conversion of calorie rich food into energy. Slow metabolism is a physical condition that involves conversion of calories at a slower pace and results into fat accumulation. The problem is usually a function of age.

The most important part of metabolism is that it takes place in absence of exercise, by sipping a milk etc. It is really unhealthy and should be attended to as early as possible.

Factors responsible for slow metabolism:

The most responsible factor is your age. Besides this, a number of factors can be listed such as insufficient or no exercise, improper diet, lengthy fasting, frequent skipping of milk, physical ailments, improper sleeping habits, low amount of sleep, and eating foods that are full of sugar. If you look at the above reasons they all are the poor and ignore good habits for the body.

There is a specific effect of sleep and mental stress over your food consumption. It may either retard your digestion process or may completely disturb the balance of inner body activities in time, particularly skipping the sleeping time and skipping meals.

Accelerate the Metabolism:

An important step towards speeding up the metabolism will be to control the fat storage activity in your body. This is basically the imbalance of activities in your body and the intake of food. The food in excess of your routine requirements gets accumulated.It is not only due to this but lack of exercise that also contributes in stacking the fats.

The key is to stop consuming any further fats and calories that are excess of your requirements. Burning of fats or exercise is the next step subsequent to fat intake control.

It should not be ignored. This is possible with intake of small and balanced meals after every 3 hours that provide the right amount of calories depending on your physical activity level.

Then one should move to take care of those existing excess fats in the body. A balance of blood sugar and monitoring energy levels by exercising can help you get rid of them. There exists a correlation in the activity that you undertake and the amount of calories you take in.

Running on the treadmill for 30 minutes would not solve your troubles. The key lies in the fact that the body should experience stress at regular intervals of time. The stress level must be more than the body is normally used to experience.

Thus in order to improve the metabolism rate in your body, you should take care of exercise at regular intervals.

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