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The majority of skin problems occur due to exposure to the sun. What are these common skin problems? Simple cases of sunburn and prickly heat can be caused by leaving children unattended, or by not informing teenagers of the effects of sun exposure. Heat exhaustion and heatstroke can often occur when sweat glands fail to function properly. Also, there are people who are so sensitive that even a mere touch of sunlight to their skin will induce rashes coupled with itchiness and redness.

What are the remedies and treatments for these skin problems?

Luckily, remedies and treatments for these skin problems are easily available in the market while others can be found in your kitchen. Here are few treatment tips and remedies you can readily use.

Organic treatment and cold compress

Both prickly heat and sunburn are easily cured with medicinal lotion. To calm and relieve painful sunburn we can use calamine lotion, yogurt, aloe vera and tea tree oil. If applied quickly after sun exposure any of these will cool down the heat on your sunburnt skin.

Talcum powder is also a remedy that works wonders when applied to prickly heat rashes. Avoid sun exposure particularly when the sun is at its most intense, skintight clothes and frequent sweating. However if you do go out, make sure you put on lotion with a high SPF. Keep your body temperature cool by taking frequent baths.

For both sunburn and prickly heat, avoiding the sun will help the skin heal more quickly. As always, drink lots of water to replenish skin water loss.

Photosensitization is a skin reaction brought about by beauty and cosmetic products containing chemicals and other prescription drugs that respond badly to the sun. Blisters or red rashes will appear on the skin, together with itchiness and inflammation. Calamine lotion, frequent showers and a cold compress will pacify these symptoms.

PLE or polymorphic light eruption is a skin condition brought about by oversensitivity to sunlight. Symptoms include rashes (usually of various types), itching and redness. Remedy this by using sunscreen with a very high SPF, or sun block designed to protect skin from UVA.

Water treatment and keeping body temperature cool

High heat temperature in the body can be fatal. The perfect example of this is heat exhaustion and heat stroke. This can happen to anyone.

There are three types of heat exhaustion – the water deficiency, salt deficiency and anhidrotic (lack of sweating). Each type has different characteristics which should be detected early on before it reaches a critical stage.

All of these are the result of our sweat glands not functioning properly. Drinking approximately two litres of water a day will alleviate body dehydration. Keep your body temperature down by frequent showers and avoiding the sun. If none of these work, see a doctor immediately.


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  • Cecile

    i have heat rash, they show up when i feel heat or like in many cases like getting into my car with is quite hot in second i brake out in a rash. I do not sweat and i have had this condition for over a 1 year and half. i have taken anntihestame tablets and they are here to stay. Is is very difficult for me to excersice, now i am pregnant will have a summer pregnancy and i have nearly fast out becasue of the heat rash all popping up. I would like some advised on how to treat my problems as i wan it gone.