Skin Care during Winter

The cold winds of winter can lead to a hampering of your skin’s natural beauty as it can rob the skin of its natural moisture and make it dry and dull. The low humidity conditions during winter can be especially damaging for one’s skin as the skin loses its moisture and conditioning and thus becomes dry and even parched. It thus becomes essential to take extra care of one’s skin during winter season to keep it refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the year.

One often tends to have long warm baths during winters to relax and soothe one’s body. However, this habit can be damaging for your skin s long, hot baths can strip the skin of lipids and moisturizing fats. Thus shorten your baths so as to prevent the loss of moisture from one’s body. In addition, one should replenish the entire body with a body moisturizer after bathing. Adding a few drops of oil to the bathing water can be useful in the overall moisturizing and nourishing of the body which in turn would prevent dryness and flaking associated with the cold and dry weather of winter. One should also be careful in choosing proper soaps and cleansers which have oils and emollients in them as they help in rendering the extra supplements to the skin.

In addition to external care, one also needs to look at the diet one is consuming to take care of our skin’s health. A proper nutritious diet helps in rejuvenating the skin from within. During all seasons one should ensure a proper intake of water as it helps in enlivening one’s skin by retaining moisture along with flushing out the harmful toxins from the body. Adding primrose syrup and olive oil in one’s diet can help in keeping one’s skin soft and supple during winters. Thus, one needs to take all these care and precautions to have a healthy and a glowing skin which lasts all seasons.

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