Simple Exercises To Lower Your Cholesterol

exercise to lower cholesterol

exercise to lower cholesterol Cholesterol is the leading problem of cardio vascular diseases and many heart ailments. Cholesterol is basically of two types, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

Good cholesterol is responsible for keeping the heart in perfect health. The level of bad cholesterol, if escalated can form plaques in the arteries causing hyper tension and sometimes even a stroke. Due to our hectic lifestyles, there is rarely any time left for exercise. Exercise here implies a rigorous and intense work out. The less you exercise, the more you are prone to cardiovascular diseases.

In dire circumstances, heart surgeries have to be performed to remove any blockade in the arteries. However, eating a balanced diet and having a regular regimen of exercise can help you in avoiding this.

Certain exercises such as fast walking, training with the help of weights, aerobics, swimming, and jogging can help tremendously in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol. There can be intense exercises such as mountain biking, resistance training which you can indulge in once in a while.

Exercising has been found to reduce the occurrence of heart diseases and high cholesterol levels, as well as death from other diseases. Medical researches have shown that an unfit man can lower his death risk by about 37% if he becomes fit, and similarly for the unfit woman, 48%.

The Centers for Disease Control had conducted studies that show people who lack exercises risk developing a heart disease two times more than those who exercise.

Exercises can lower your cholesterol level as it burns up your body fat; cholesterol is a type of body fat that should be kept in reasonable amounts in your body. Walking is found to be a good and simple form of exercise that can reduce your cholesterol effectively.

exercise to control cholesterol

Interestingly, a study by the University of California revealed that men between 35 and 65 on regular exercises are healthy and tend to hug and kiss their wives frequently with more sexual intercourse and orgasms than those not.

Cholesterol and Exercise:

It is essential to maintain the levels of cholesterol in our bodies. Cholesterol is nothing but lipoproteins. An intense workout will help in changing these lipoproteins to a larger size. This is beneficial as smaller particles are more liable to block your arteries and cause plaques.

Having a regular exercise regimen can escalate the level of good cholesterol or high density lipoproteins. This will diminish the risk of a heart problem by maintaining the levels of bad cholesterol. Exercise also helps in reducing the amount of tri glycerides and secretion of certain enzymes which help in eliminating cholesterol as well as fats from our blood stream.

Types of Exercise:

Aerobics and cardio exercises help in reducing the levels of your bad cholesterol. Your heart beat increases, you feel shortness of breath and it causes excessive sweating. The heart rate generally is different depending on the age. On an average, a healthy heart beats 75 times in per minute. When you exercise, these figures increase.

However do not put excessive strain on the heart as this can be dangerous. Indulge in this exercise regimen 3-4 times a week. Try out different types of exercises such as doing cardio one day and alternating it by jogging or taking a brisk walk on the next day. Maintain your diet, have fresh vegetables, fruits, omega 3 fatty acids and fiber. All these are beneficial in lowering the levels of your cholesterol.


As mentioned, walking is an excellent form of exercise to lower your cholesterol as it burns your body fat effectively. Each mile you walk will burn more fats. Four miles of walking can burn more fats in less time than running that same amount of distance.

You must be disciplined to walk regularly so that your cholesterol level will be lowered, as walking can be unstructured. You should have a specific goal from your walking exercise, like the amount of cholesterol you want to lose. That will help you in structuring your walk exercise, like a half an hour walk three times a week. You can decide on your own pace that is comfortable until you build up your momentum.

ways to lower your cholesterol

A good walk schedule is an early morning walk where you set off half an hour earlier in the morning to walk around a nearby park or park your car a mile away and walk to work. A to-and-fro walk like this every day is sufficient to fulfill your daily walk exercise requirement. You will also feel energized upon reaching your office, ready to give your best and enhance your productivity.

Another easy form of walk exercise, though not many are mindfully aware of it, is taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Climbing the stairs is a great workout that is excellent for your heart as well as your legs. Your blood circulation is enhanced while your cholesterol is burned.

However, it is advisable to wear proper walking shoes for your walk exercises. These are firmer and not soft like running shoes. If you are just started on walking, go slow. Do not over-exert yourself. Build up your strength, pace and distance as you go. Do not have a personal challenge or competitive attitude with others as you start off walking as a form of exercise.

Preferably you should not walk on a full stomach; in fact, try to have an empty stomach when you exercise. Food in your body needs to be digested and that requires energy which will detract your focus and ability in exercising the other muscles. Fruit is acceptable as it does not require much energy to digest.

Water should be consumed more as dehydration sets in easily and quickly when you are exercising. However do not take soft drinks or Gatorade. Any fluid that has chemical substances should not be consumed during exercising. Drink a cup of water before you start your walk and also after.

Be consistent in your walking to get your metabolic rate going on burning up your cholesterol. As you make walking part of your lifestyle, you will be happier and healthier.

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