Signs of Dehydration

There are many things that can cause dehydration, it is not necessary that dehydration can be caused in summers only; a person can be dehydrated in winters also. There are many things that can cause dehydration, the most common are vomiting, diarrhea, blood loss, malnutrition, and plain old failure to replenish liquids lost from sweating and urination (Not drinking enough water). Many illnesses and diseases can trigger acute dehydration due to the increased body temperature and sweating that usually occur. The best way to combat dehydration is to drink plenty of water.

The Signs of Dehydration: Symptoms of dehydration usually begin with thirst and progress to more alarming manifestations as the need for water becomes more ominous. The initial signs and symptoms of mild dehydration in adults appear when the body has lost about 2% of its total fluid. The basic signs of dehydration are: Abnormal Thirst, when the body becomes dehydrated a person may experience an increased sensation of thirst. This is a natural reaction when the cells start to dehydrate and is a sign that you should be concerned with. The easiest solution is to drink fluids but be careful which type of fluids you choose. Electrolytic filled fluids are the best because they replenish the cells better than water alone. Lemonade, Gatorade, Powerade or Pedialite work well for this. Caffeinated beverages should be avoided as well as highly sugarized drinks.`

Other signs of mild dehydration are dry mouth, skin flushing, dark urine, chills, head rushes. If the dehydration is allowed to continue unabated, when the total fluid loss reaches 5% the following effects of dehydration are normally experienced: Increased heart rate ,Increased respiration, Decreased sweating, Decreased urination, Increased body temperature, Extreme fatigue ,Muscle cramps ,Headaches ,Nausea ,Tingling of the limbs.

One must be aware that these are not the only symptoms of severe dehydration that are patent in response to dehydration; these are simply the most common. Signs of dehydration will differ from person to person because the body is a complex network of systems.

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