4 Significant Effects Of Yellow Fever

Significant Effects Of Yellow Fever

Significant Effects Of Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever by its very name is a dreaded disease, thanks to the fact that mankind has not been able to develop any causative cure for it. Yellow Fever origins can be traced to the jungles of Africa and South America.

The female ‘Aedes’ mosquito is the carrier and transmitter of this deadly disease. Point to be noted is that the disease does not originate in these mosquitoes, it is actually caused by a virus (species-yellow fever virus, genus-flavivirus) which is known to infect the monkeys in the jungles.

The mosquitoes first get infected on biting these monkeys and then pass on the virus to human beings by biting them. Yellow Fever is of course not restricted to the jungles. City dwellers are at equal risk because travelers unknowingly bring back the disease with them. Any female Aedes mosquito becomes infected on biting the traveler.  This is a vicious cycle and you may be exposed to the disease at any point of time!

4 Effect Of Yellow Fever On Mankind

WHO is carrying out mass vaccination programs in different parts of Africa. Unfortunately the disease is so wide spread that to eliminate it in its entirety is impossible. There have been many recorded cases of Yellow Fever epidemic. Its presence has been recorded in more than 33 countries. Lakhs of people still suffer from Yellow Fever Disease every year. It is a challenge to mankind to find preventive measures, cures, better vaccines and eliminate this disease forever.

Yellow Fever affects different people in different ways. Not everyone is known to show the same reactions and symptoms. Different effects of yellow fever are visible at different points after it has been acquired.

Initial Effects Of Yellow Fever

Yellow fever begins with a ‘fever’.  Along with fever there are the usual signs of cold and vomiting. Some patients may complain of headache and nausea.

Initial Effects Of Yellow Fever

In case the yellow fever is less severe there is a high probability that the patient may recover within a couple of days. In case of moderate severity also the effects of yellow fever start receding in 3-4days.

Effects Of Yellow Fever After 4-5days

If the Yellow Fever Virus has found a host in the patient, the patient is bound to complain of dehydration. The patient may gradually show signs of Anemia  where whitening of the eyes show a reduction in the number of red blood cells in the body. These effects of Yellow Fever should be an alarming signal and immediate hospitalization is advised for the same.

Complain of Dehydration

Severe Effects Of Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever finds its name attached to many cases of liver damage. The liver stops functioning normally. Apart from it the white parts of the eyes may start yellowing. This gradually may lead to a complicated effect resulting in jaundice.

Severe Effects Of Yellow Fever

Deadly Effect Of Yellow Fever

In the worst circumstance patients who throw blood in vomits or in their motions fall in very high risk category. This happens mainly when the Yellow fever has affected the kidney. A complete kidney failure may even result in the death of the patient.

Yellow fever has affected the kidney

Yellow Fever is one of those diseases which has effected mankind terribly. It should not be taken lightly. Any symptoms should be immediately reported and taken care of.

Nidhi Dokania