Siesta Is Good For Heart


siesta Since my childhood I have seen my grandparents taking a short nap after having their lunch. They used to advise me the same to follow. However, I never used to listen to them while arguing that siesta is not good for health. I was scared that siesta would make me put on weight. Gradually, with the time I realized the importance of a short nap in today’s tight scheduled life. More significantly, few days back I was surprised to see one article on a reputed site regarding the health benefits of a short nap.

If you are of opinion that sleeping in the middle of the day is not good then let me make you aware about the benefits of siesta, which I happened to know recently.

Some Greek researchers flowing six years of research have found that a short nap in the middle of the day has the capacity to reduce the risk of heart disease. The study has particularly emphasized that siesta is good for young healthy men and it can reduce the risk of death from heart diseases for them.

As a part of their research, the researchers seem to have taken into account the number of cases of heart disease in various countries and their culture of siesta. They found that, the countries, where siesta is commonly practices have lower number of people suffering from heart diseases.

In their research, a total number of 23,681 men and women were taken into account, whose age ranged from 20 to 86. Finally, it was found that those who took naps regularly had the lower risk of death from heart problems than others, who didn’t take siesta.

Next time, when you get time to take a short nap, just grab the opportunity rather than thinking that it would add into your weight. Even, I have learnt the lesson that what your grandma or grandpa says are not all superstitions!