Benefits Of Siddhasana

Benefits Of Siddhasana

‘Siddh’ is a Sanskrit word and its meaning is perfect one because one attains perfection in yoga by meditating in this pose. Siddhasana is the most recommended posture while meditation. This asana is performed mostly by the Siddhas (semi divine beings). This is the reason why this asana is called Siddhasana.

The main function of this asana is to awaken the power of Kundalini the annular power residing in the mystical circle above the reproductive organs. Following are performing steps and health benefits of Siddhasana.

Steps To Perform

Sit on the floor.
Keep your legs stretch straight in front.
Bend your left leg while holding the left heel.
Place it near the perineum.
Bend the right knee and put the right heel against the public bone.
Place the back of the hands on the knees so that the palms face upward.
Join the thumb and tip of index finger of each of the hand.
While doing the whole activity keep your spine erect.
Put your neck low so that the chin touches the lower part of throat.

Health Benefits

This asana is useful to cure the stiffness of joints of the loins.
This is useful to increase digestive power.
Siddhasana keeps the mind alert, firm and attentive.
It is helpful in redirecting the blood circulation to the lower spine and abdomen and tones the lumbar region of the spine, the pelvis and the abdominal organs it also balances the reproductive system and blood pressure.
This asana is very beneficial for those who are suffering from wet dreams.
Siddhasana improves the memory level and gives way to clarity of mind.
This asana awakens Kundalini Shakti. It purifies all the nadis (tubular channels) in the body through Shaktichalana Mudra.
Stabilizes and sublimates sexual energy because of the position of the feet with respect to the genitals.