Shrimp And Green Salad


With the name salad, most of us tend to think that the dish would be full of health, but not in taste. Don’t start thinking in the stereotype way. Here in this article, my job would be to ensure to give you a salad recipe, which would be tasty and healthy as well.

The recipe of salad I am going to explain you, will bring you the taste of Oriental flavor and taste. You can call it by any name, but I prefer giving it the name of shrimp and spinach salad, they are the main ingredients of the dish.

Let me give you the ingredients list to prepare this salad dish. As I have already mentioned about the main ingredients, so you take a bunch of (one package) fresh spinach and ten to eleven numbers of big shrimps. Apart from them, you need one cup of bean sprouts and one cup of snow peas. For flavor and additional taste, you also need half teaspoon each from ginger and garlic powder.

You also need one tablespoon of rice wine vinegar, green onions, cut into slices, one tablespoon of soy sauce, sesame oil and few low sodium crackers.

Before you start preparing, make sure that you have cleaned the shrimps properly along with the spinach, whose stems should be removed properly.

First of all you need to cook the shrimps properly. Yes, cooking means they should be boiled and kept before you start dressing your salad. Cut the cracker into four to six pieces and sprinkle the mixture of ginger and garlic powder on them. Don’t use the whole powder now. Now, your job is to mix ingredients of soy sauce, oil, onion, water and the rest mixture of garlic and ginger powder. Once you blend them properly, arrange spinach, shrimps, sprouts and peas on plates and then put the crackers and then sprinkle the vinegar mixture and serve.