Show off your Hair


showofhair Hair can be a wonderful asset.  We flirt with it, toss it, wear it down and pull it up. But because our hair can say so much about us, we also subject it to all sorts of processes and products.

Hair dryers subject our hair to heat and stress, and chemicals can weaken it. An unhealthy diet can cause hair to lose its luster and health, or even lead to thinning. And every day our hair is exposed to pollutions and harmful UV rays.

Show it off

Your hair needs to be well cared for in order to look its best. We all have different types of hair and with them, come our own type of problems. However, there are a few simple tips that anyone, regardless of hair type, can follow to ensure their hair looks its best.

Eat well

A balanced diet is the most important thing you can do for yourself and not just your hair. Drink plenty of water and eat well. This may be the most basic step in maintaining healthy skin and hair, but it is often neglected.

Be gentle

Treat your hair gently. Heat can damage hair, so avoid using hairdryers if you can. Add moisture and vitamins to your hair by using weekly hot oil treatments. This will smooth and strengthen the shaft.

A scalp massage each week can stimulate growth and a regular trim will remove split ends and help your hair look very healthy. Rubber bands can cause your hair to break, so choose bands that are covered with a soft material that won’t snag. Also, too much brushing or styling can weaken hair, and cause it to look stressed.

Natural shine

Shiny hair looks healthy and helps you feel more confident, and there is no need to use unsafe chemicals. There are many natural products you can use to help your shine come out.

A mustard oil massage regularly will help create shiny thick hair, as well as rubbing lime juice and coconut oil into the scalp. Lemon juice also adds shine to lack luster hair.

If you suffer from dandruff, you can try an application of vinegar and water to your scalp before bed. Leave it on overnight and then wash it out in the morning. Almond oil and olive oil applied to the scalp are also good dandruff eliminators.

Boost it with vitamins

There are a variety of supplements you can add to your diet to help increase hair growth. Vitamin B complex, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin E, or Vitamin C with bioflavonoid can all help encourage healthy hair. Beta-Carotene and Flaxseed oil can also help you to grow shiny hair.

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