Show Fuller Lips with Makeup


fullerlips You admire Angelina Jolie and you think that her lips add to her already sexy body. You also want your lips to have the same effect as how she carries hers. You contemplate if it is possible to have that “full lips look” on you without having to go through surgery or tattoo sessions. You wonder if makeup will be able to solve your concern and be able to fake that ‘Angelina Jolie lips’ look.

You can definitely do it with some tips that focus on many criteria – including color, brightness, and art. You can start by designing your full lips through your makeup.

Choice of the right color is a requirement. Note that a shimmering peach or pink color makes the lips look bigger compared to the misconception of having darker red shades or plums. The red and plum colors will make the lips look smaller. Generally, the light colors can appear bigger and fuller.

Use a lip liner to define the shape and size of your lips. You should match your lipstick with the liner that you are using. You can use it as a fill at the top and the bottom of the natural lip’s lines to make it appear bigger.

After lining your lips, you can apply the hue using a lip brush. You can put some gloss to add depth. You need a concealer around the lip area to project a defined mouth and the effect of having fuller lips.

To be ready with full lip solution anywhere you go, you should be ready with a light pinkish or a gold lip-gloss as part of your traveler’s makeup kit in your bag. You can just put a small spot at the bottom lip then rub them together.

This will give your lips a three-dimensional effect in just a few seconds. This will definitely add to the beauty of your make-up and your lips.

Apart from makeup, you can also boost the amount of collagen in your lips for a long-term effect, by using a treatment cream. Use lip products with vitamins A, E or C and even those with hyaluronic acid that provides moisture to the lips.

Lastly, you might want to exfoliate your lips. This is something that you do not do normally, or neglect as a beauty regimen. Use a lip scrub to give you a pinker and more pronounced pout.

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