Sex is a Good Exercise

There are exercises which are definitely erotic, and which in fact can be the best workout for you and your partner as well. These erotic exercises refer to contracting the muscles of the legs, abdomen and arms, something you normally do in a gym. You should really prefer these kinds of sex-exercises.

These sex exercises will help you to enjoy your sex sessions better and you will also get a great workout for yourself. Remember if you have sex two or three times a week, you will be avoiding heart problems, compared to those who have sex at longer intervals.

These sex-exercises can help you do cardiovascular work more efficiently, and thus you will be promoting the health of your heart. The sex act itself is a great exercise as you will be involving a whole lot of muscles.

You will be using the muscles of your arms, legs, and abdomen and exercise them rigorously.It will be the same with women, who will also feel the exhilarating effects that the exercise will have on their bodies and psyche as well.

When you ejaculate more frequently, you will be protecting your prostate glands from cancer. When you ejaculate on a regular basis, you will be flushing out substances which cause cancer, from your prostate glands.

Sex is a good stress-buster. In fact stress keeps men from enjoying a good sexual activity. While you have decided to have sex, keep away all your irritations and worries out of your mind, and concentrate on getting satisfied and satisfying your woman.

These two should be of prime importance in your checklist. When you have had satisfying sex you will be in an elevated mood. Tension is released when you have an orgasm, and the sex act itself is a wonderful workout.

When you have more than two sex sessions and ejaculations/orgasms a week, your life style will improve, compared to those fellows who have only one orgasm in a month. Don’t be a miser in sharing happiness that comes from sexual activity; share it liberally with your woman.

Don’t forget sex is a tonic for your health.  Get going… now!

  • Colton Johnston

    what if im doing it with a guy and im a guy too. does this apply to guys on guys too? i would think so rite?