Secrete Of An Aerobic Exercise


Burning calories and giving extra time to shape up figure has occupied today’s figure conscious mind set. It’s good to see working so hard to remain fit however; it is also bad to see when some one is doing the wrong kind of exercises or taking certain diets which are not effective and healthy.

One ought to have right information about types of physical work outs. At the same time eating the right foods will suffice the needs. Otherwise, many a times it happens that you work so hard to attain the desired result and in the meantime you forget to look after your eating.

Apart from all the bad repercussions, the aerobic exercise is good for burning some calories, but cautions you! while doing the aerobic exercises you need to know two things that is how our body reacts to wards it and what are the hormones that response effectively when you are in the process of burning calories ( aerobic exercises).

It is better to opt for aerobic exercise on trade mill than going for more than an hour weight lifting. This is proved by examining the hormones that response by the body. The appetite hormones called ghrelion and peptide YY are better modified by aerobic exercises while it is found that weight lifting affects only ghrelin hormone.

These two hormones stimulate the body mechanism and persuade one to eat less while performing the exercise whereas weight lifting did not suppress the hunger. According to the study, this research was carried out on eleven male university students. They found that the result of suppressing the hunger was satisfied while the ninety minutes of weight lifting, inspite of sweating for 90 minutes they could not suppress the hunger. Thus, aerobic on trade mill exercise defeated the so called weight lifting. Prefer aerobic to weight lifting to achieve the result.