Running for Beginners: Important Tips

running tips

Running is an excellent form of aerobic exercise. Athletes, sports men, fitness trainers and fitness freaks all over the world vouch for the extraordinary benefits of running.

Running is a quick way to lose fat and burn calories more efficiently. A strenuous running session helps increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR) not only when you are doing it but even for hours after you have stopped running.

A good running program ensures that you attain a high level of physical fitness to run a marathon in about four hours. However, running is a very powerful mode of aerobics and requires high stamina and lot of perseverance.

Fitness enthusiast should keep in mind a few important points before taking up a fully fledged running program:

Before you begin to take a sprint, it’s advisable to get a physical check up done by your physician. After you get a green signal of being completely fit, should you jump out on the tracks. If you are running for the first time and are just out of a sedentary lifestyle, it’s advisable to start by walking.

Next step would be to buy you a good pair of running shoes and proper light and sweat absorbent running clothes. The shoes should fit your feet size and should be light in weight and cushioned. A good shoe is extremely important to prevent an injury while running. Wear extremely comfortable clothes while running. For night time wear clothes with reflectors and shoes with blinkers for visibility in dark.

Avoid running on a rough or bumpy surface. It would be bad for your knees and foot. Find smooth tracks to run. If you are running on a street, avoid a high traffic zone and if you have to run with cars and trucks zooming across, try to run on opposite side. The vehicles should come facing you. Also, avoid running on a wet, slippery or icy track.

A good running posture is equally important. Run smoothly in an upright position without leaning too forward. Your arms should be relaxed and elbows slightly bent. The arms should swing in a rhythmic movement slightly away from the body. Keep a check on your pulse and breathe regularly and easily.

If you are a new runner on the track, your feet might feel sore and painful in the beginning but as you make it a daily habit, these problems will gradually disappear.