Ripping your way to six pack abs


sixpackabs Do you nurture the dream of having well shaped six pack abs that celebrities display on TV with élan? Then, this is the right article for you. Here we talk about four steps to achieve the dream abs that you can flaunt with panache and grace.

Get lean

The first step to getting good, shapely six-pack abs is reducing the fat. You have to be able to see your abdominal muscles before being able to shape them up.

For men, the fat surrounding the abdominal muscles is much lesser as compared to the women. Hence, women that cannot get six abs need to put in more effort to remove the fat tissue surrounding the abdominal muscles as compared to men.

Intense training

Six pack abs cannot be developed overnight. It is a gradual procedure involving rigorous training. You will need to sweat out for hours at the gym in order to lose fat.

To get six pack abs your exercises must be well balanced between a cardio vascular workout, strength, and weight training. You don’t need any expensive equipment to help you achieve a six pack figure.

Ask your gym instructor to design specific workouts for you. You can lose weight by selecting a few exercises that have maximum impact and increase their repetitions for intensity.

Do not take a break until you complete the entire set of exercises. Some great exercises for the abdominal muscles are push ups, pull ups, sit ups, burpees and maximum height jumps. Vary them accordingly to increase intensity.

Blast your abs

You cannot develop six pack abs without losing the fat surrounding it; however, while you are working out to reduce the fat you should also workout to tone the muscles that lie beneath the layer of fat.

This will ensure that when the muscles reveal themselves from beneath the layer of fat, they are shapely and gorgeous. Now, who would not want it!!

Be Active

Ensure that you are active the entire day. Do not take the elevator, instead use the stairs. Park the car farther away from your office so that you can take a walk to work. Make yourself useful in household work. Participate in outdoor activities.

Ensure that you follow these tips diligently and you will be well on your way to becoming the next celebrity.