Respiratory Problems Arising Due To Breast Implants

Respiratory Problems Arising Due To Breast Implants

Respiratory Problems Arising Due To Breast Implants Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world and United States. Every year thousands of women opt for breast implants which are silicone gel packs that are surgically inserted into breasts for enhancement.

However, this cosmetic surgery has its own side effects that can harm the body even after 12 years of surgery. Every woman who undergoes breast augmentation is aware of the risks of developing respiratory disease. Therefore, if you are also looking for this surgery then thoroughly understand the potential risks.

Lung Cancer

The National Research Center for Women & Families (NRC) in the United States says that women who have had breast implants for more than 12 years are at a greater risk of lung cancer than women who did not undergo this surgery.

Notably, the women with breast implants in survey did not smoke more than general women’s population. It is a well know fact that lung cancer is a fatal disease and there are no early symptoms to it. At later stages, lung cancer causes shortness of breath and blood while coughing.

Pulmonary Fibrosis

Before getting breast implants, understand that the silicone in the implants will inevitably leak into your lungs causing irreversible damage to the lungs’ ability to transfer oxygen to the bloodstream. This condition is known as Pulmonary Fibrosis. It is a progressive disease of lungs which causes shortness of breath, fatigue and dry cough. Moreover, according to NRC research, women, who have breast implants for seven years or more, are at higher risks.


Women who receive breast implants are also at a higher risk of Lupus, which is not a respiratory disease. But according to the Lupus Foundation, it can create three kinds of serious lung problems namely: plueritis, pneumitis, and pulmonary emboli. These are responsible for lung problems like inflammations and blood clots. Moreover, a survey by Nation Cancer Institute states that women who undergo breast augmentation are more likely to develop connective tissue disease like lupus. The reasons are however unknown.

Unknown Effects

Silicon gels which are used in breast implants can be very dangerous for body as they can liquefy at normal temperatures and fuse inside body. Although, there is no medical evidence about the effects of these gels, research reports cannot be ignored. The effects are still under study and it is expected that we will get information about the other unknown effects soon.

According to estimations by NRC in 2008, around 300,000 women opt for breast implant surgery every year. This figure is very high, especially for a cosmetic surgery which does nothing more than increasing the size. However, if you are also looking for breast augmentation then consider the pros and cons first.

The risks are potentially fatal and unknown. Living with lung problems can be very tortuous. Therefore, think thoroughly and take advice from your family members too as you can enhance the size of breasts naturally too but only to a certain extent with healthy eating and right exercises targeting your chest.

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