Reducing fat through Yoga


yogareducefat The benefits of yoga are not limited only to physical or mental fitness but include spiritual well being, mental health, emotional stability, and a source of healing naturally. Each day brings in another new benefit. It is an age-old method of keeping fit and healthy.

One of yoga’s benefits is that it helps to reduce weight. You can reduce your overall weight or tone down specific areas of your body like your waist, hips, or thighs. It improves your flexibility.

The benefits of Yoga may not be instant but over the long term, it is extremely good for reducing and maintaining weight. It helps reduce weight by burning calories and improving the metabolism.

It also brings about other changes like positive attitude, self-confidence, mental health, relieves stress and tensions etc. It improves your flexibility, strength, and balance.

Yoga helps improve your lifestyle and makes it healthy. To maintain this and increase the effect of exercise it is important that you eat the right food at the right time and the right amount with an intake of the essential nutrients.

A change in diet in itself makes you feel healthier and fitter. The food you eat during yoga is not a diet but just healthy eating to ensure you get all the essential nutrients.

The practice of Yoga comprises of breathing, postures, and concentration and each achieves a certain purpose.The asanas or postures are the Bow posture, One leg posture, wheel posture, king of dance posture, half spinal twist posture, salutation posture, accomplished posture, turned side angle pose, half moon pose, shooting bow posture, mountain pose, locust pose, child posture, hero posture, plow pose, fish pose, wind releasing posture, snake posture, triangle pose, powerful posture, lion posture, sun salutation, head stand, hand foot and big toe pose, diamond pose, cow face pose, tree pose, scorpion posture, camel pose, lotus pose, shoulder stand pose to name a few.

Yoga is the most effective and safe way of losing weight. It helps to not only lose weight but also maintain it in the long run. You can ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle.


  • Even if yoga doesn’t make you drop 20 pounds, it might help to mitigate the negative health risks of being overweight. Yoga helps to lower the stress hormone, cortisol, and bring down overall inflamation in the system. It’s one of the key factors in Dr. Dean Ornish’s program for reducing heart disease. It elevates mood, and can help bring about a more satisfying spiritual connection. It can even lower the need for insulin in diabetics. Certain poses can help reduce belly fat. So get on the mat!! And if you think you’re too big to do yoga, try Big Yoga Hatha 1, a groundbreaking DVD just for us curvy gals (or beefy guys). You don’t have to be thin to enjoy the benefits of yoga!

  • kainaz cavina

    want to loose 7 to 8 kg weight please suggest diet and proper exercise