Reduce Waist Size

The waist is the most common area where most of the people wished to lose weight. Fat stored around the stomach area can only be lost through proper diet and aerobic exercise. Exercises will help burn the fat directly and, over the course of time fat levels will reduce around the waist line as well as many other areas. In fact it’s quite possible to lose fat from the waist and the general abdominal area without any exercise that directly stresses the abdominal muscles, fat may be stored around these areas but it does not mean we need to exercise those specific areas in order to lose it. So, you have to maintain diet chart.
Monthly Plan- If you want to lose weight of your waist you should set the monthly schedule. Following is the plan and if you follow it will prove beneficial to you.

First Week– You should either run for 1 min for walk for 90 seconds. Repeat the process for 8-10 times. You can leave a day in a week.

Second Week– Run for 2 minutes and walk for 1 minute. You can repeat 7-8 times as per your ability. The process is slow but effective as if you increase your speed slowly you will able to hold conversation while running.

Third Week-Now, you are able to run 3 minutes and walk 1 minutes. Try to repeat 5-6 as per your capability.

Fourth Week-Run 5 minutes along with walk of 2 minutes now, you will be capable of running for longer periods. Remember one thing don’t try to increase the speed too fast. Manage the speed according to your capacity. Repeat 4-5 times the whole process.

Fifth Week– Run 8-9 minutes and walk 2 minutes. You can repeat 3 minutes the process.

Sixth Week-Run 12 minutes along with walk of 2 minutes and If possible tries to burn extra calories. You can repeat the whole process.

Seventh Week-Now you are able to run 15 minutes and walk 2 minutes. You can repeat it 3 times.
Eighth Week-Run for 30 minutes and don’t stop between the running. You will be capable to run for this long period and will find you are losing weight of your waist line.