Recipe And Process To Make Homemade Rum

homemade rum preparation

homemade rum preparation Rum is one of the most favored alcoholic beverages tthat is enjoyed by both the old and the young. However, if you get your hands on how to prepare fine rum at home, then you can not only save a lot of money but also get a taste of fine and good quality rum.

It is worth spending time on preparing rum at home and neither will it call for much of an effort. Since it is one of those alcohols that are distilled, you will definitely need a distillery kit where equipment is concerned.There are even some significant processes that you need to handle properly for getting successful results. Here is a simple guide that will train you and make you an expert in homemade rum preparation without any hassles.

Recipe And Process Of Making Rum At Home


Dry yeast
Distilled water (approximately a gallon)
A clean jug made of glass
Stopper (that fits the jug)
A pot for the distillation process
A clean container to store rum

Method Of Preparation

The entire process of making hygienic and high quality rum at home can be divided into various processes. Make sure you complete each step successfully if you are looking towards achieving your goals of making some great rum at home. Here are the steps that you should follow.

The Fermenting Process

The first step to make rum is to ferment the molasses properly, only after which you can use it for the distillation procedure. For fermenting you will have to concentrate the sugar levels of the molasses. Fermentation will take place by mixing the molasses with the yeast and leaving it for at least a day. This will convert the sugars into alcohol and finish off the first step successfully.


Make sure that all the equipment needed for making rum is made sterile beforehand. This will ensure that you get good rum which is free from all kinds of impurities. This is a very critical phase that you should definitely not ignore when it comes to homemade rum.

Distilling The Liquid

The molasses that have been fermented are to be used for distillation and they are a key in the production of the rum. Using a pot for the distillation process is one of the oldest and the cheapest ways to do it. However, you can even use the modern methods depending upon your budget.

Age The Rum To Fine Rum

Ageing is one of the imperative processes that are carried in case of a lot of alcoholic beverages especially wine and rum. The more you age the rum the finer it will taste. However, it is not a hard and fast rule to age the rum like in the case of wines. Oak barrels are used for the purpose, so if you can get your hands on one of them then definitely follow this step. These are very expensive and require at least a year or so for the rum to age successfully.

Blend For A Good Finishing

Blending procedure will only help in improving the taste of your rum. So don’t you skip out this step! After this you can store your homemade rum in clean containers for future use!