Quick Weight Loss Exercises


Quick moving exercises, or sprinting exercises, require quick bursts of energy to burn fat while raising the body’s metabolism and lower stress.  Sprinting exercises condition the entire body. Before performing a sprinting exercise, make sure to warm up first to avoid any muscle injuries.

The basis of a sprinting exercise is to spend as little time as possible on the ground.  They measure how high you can jump and how quickly you can transition from move to move.  The following sprinting exercises will help you reduce fat and stress.

To perform a tuck jump crouch your body close to the ground and push your body to jump high.  Once in the air, bring your legs up to your chest while in the air.  As you land, go into a squat and immediately propel yourself back up into the air.  The movement should be fluid.

Rocket jumps are similar to tuck jumps although when in the air, instead of bringing your legs to your chest extend your body completely.  As you land, crouch down before springing back into the air.

Lunge jumps begin in a lunge position with one leg in front of the other. Push down and propel yourself into the air.  In the air, the leg that was originally in the front should be switched to the back.  Try to jump as high as possible.

Performing line hops requires a little imagination.  Imagine a line in front of you.  Stand, feet together, next to the line.  Jump across the line and back again as fast as possible while keeping your feet together.  Keep your arms out to the side for balance.

“Skips for Height” is similar to jumping rope but without the rope.  Each time you skip try to push yourself higher and higher into the air.  Use your arms to help push you off the ground.

“Skips for Distance” has you skipping forward as opposed to straight up into the air.  Use your arms, legs, calves, and ankles for power.

Straight leg bounds work the hamstrings and glutes by taking wide steps forward along a path.

Forward weight throws are a strenuous exercise that focuses on strength.  Place a small ball in between your legs.  Squat down and push off into the air while releasing the ball forward.

Overhead weight throws are similar to forward weight throws except that the ball needs to be thrown backwards.  Put your back to the location where you want to send the ball.  Again, squat down and with your arms extended jump up into the air while catapulting the ball.