Protein Supplement- Necessary For Body Builders

Protein supplement is a necessary element for body builders, which needed to build muscles. It also repairs the broken tissues of the body. Body building is a process of maximizing muscle hypertrophy during the combination of weight training, sufficient calories intake and rest. A person who is performing all activities is called body builders.
Body builders need a balanced diet including all the nutrition in proper combination but a whey protein supplement can provide a highest amount of balanced chair amino acids, known as BCAA leading to your body building and retaining muscles. Various studies say that it is the best concentration to provide optimal performances.

Protein is found mainly in dairy products. Milk, cheese, curd and ghee are rich in proteins. Some body builders used egg protein, chicken, beef, pork, fish and soy protein as well. Soy protein proved the best for those who are vegetarians. Nuts, beans, seeds and lentils are some other good options for those who want to take vegetarian protein supplement. Both the protein supplements are low-calorie food, low in fat, cholesterol and lactose.

Body builders usually require high quality of protein with a high Biological value (BV). Some whey proteins came in the form of powder so that it is easy to consumer as he can take in by easily mixing to its favorite drink.

The high level of muscle growth and repair get by body builders required a balanced diet. Protein is one of the most important parts of considered diet for body builders. Functional protein such as motor protein that includes myosin, kinesin and dynein are generating the focus exerted by contracting muscles. Many physicians and health instructors advised body builders to consume 25-30% of total calorie take per day. This is because to achieve the goal of maintaining body composition.

Whey protein supplement is apt for the post workout session. Your body needs energy just after workout and at that time proteins supply maximum energy in less time. It digested very quickly. For example an egg takes 2-3 hours for digestion. You can take Casein protein before going to bed. It takes bit long time for digestion. For quick digestion blended proteins are best option.

Protein Supplement is necessary for body builders and integral part of diet


  • Vish

    hi, i am vish. i am 23 yr. 173ht, 68kg wt. i am regularly doing my gym for 90 min. i want to take proteins to build my muscles. I am pure vegetarian (not even egg). So please suggest me some good protein supplement suitable for me. i am leaving in pune, India.

  • Samim Sarkar

    I need to know about the best protein supplements