Procedure To Make Korean ‘Kimchi’

korean kimchi recipe

korean kimchi recipe A staple diet for Koreans, Kimchi is a sort of cabbage pickle. Relished with almost every dish, this delicacy is known for its spicy taste and health benefits. Served both as main as well as side dish, Kimchi can be prepared in several ways. Depending upon the ingredients, its taste differs from region to region. Follow the step-by-step procedure explained below and let your buds have the exotic taste of this delicacy.

Ingredients Required

2 napa cabbages
2-3 radishes
Salt to taste
A jug of water
2 medium sized green onions
A big onion
A cup of sweet or plain flour
A bunch of mustard leaves
A bunch of leaves of Asian Chives
¼ cup garlic
¼ cup ginger
2 cups of red pepper flakes
3 spoonful of shrimp or anchovy sauce
A teaspoonful of sugar

Procedure of Making Kimchi

Peel the external leaves. Cut the cabbage in four equal halves (cut lengthwise). Place them in a large bowl containing water. Pour salt liberally (half a cup) over these cabbages and let the cabbages soften for about 3-4 hours.

Remove the outer skin of radishes; cut them into small cubicles and place these in a separate bowl. Like cabbages, sprinkle salt on them and keep aside for about an hour. Make sure to mix the salt thoroughly.

After cabbage leaves are well soaked, remove excess water from them. Wash them and the radishes well with water. Rinse thoroughly so that all the salt is removed.

Making Kimchi Paste

Mix a cup of plain flour (or sweet flour) and mix 2-3 cups of water to from a thin paste. Pour the mixture in a pan and start heating on the medium flame. When the mixture starts boiling, add sugar to it. Stir thoroughly and cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Shut off the flame and let the paste cool for some time. To it, add anchovy sauce, pepper flakes. Crush the garlic and ginger and add them too.  Cut slices of green onions; add to the mixture. The other things to be added are sliced radishes, leaves of Asian chives. Stir well all the constituents.

The seasoning is prepared. Here comes the task of spreading it onto the boiled cabbage. Stuff the cabbage leaves with the paste and cover it by other leaves. Press firmly so the paste spreads all over.  After all are stuffed, start placing them in a plastic or lass jar. Allow Kimchi to get fermented for about 2-3 days before placing the jar in a refrigerator. To know whether the contents are fermented or not, open the jar lid and if a sour smell comes from it, it is ready for preservation.

This was the recipe for cabbage Kimchi. There are other varieties too that can be tried at home. He dish can be served with rice, toast etc. Cucumber, scallion, and fruits can also be added to make the recipe. Kimchi juice left behind in the jar after the pickle is all finished is also a healthy option and is taken to remove lethargy. Once you develop taste for the dish, you will be able to relish it more.

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