Probiotics help prevent allergies


probiotics Probiotics is a type of living organism; usually bacteria, which helps bring the body to normal conditions after a long bout of medicines and restores the balance in the system.

The concept of probiotics is in existence for over hundred years but has gained popularity only recently. It is said to help numerous health conditions particularly allergies.

A recent study conducted indicates that when pregnant women and children, specifically infants consume probiotic food items for a long period it boosts their immunity and builds resistance and prevents allergies.

A group of pregnant women was selected for a study. This group comprised of women who had a history of allergies or whose spouses were prone to allergies.

Allergies are said to be passed on genetically. These women were divided into two groups, one group was given probiotic shots and the other group was given placebo shots. This was done everyday from the eighth month of pregnancy to around six months post delivery.

The infants were then checked by pediatricians every three months in the first half of the year and once when they are two years old. The result of this study revealed that a particular protein that helps in the inflammation of tissue was found more in the children whose mother had probiotic shots.

This inflammation of the tissues helps prevent allergies by improving the immune system. Also the same set of children were less susceptible to various skin allergies the main one being eczema, which is the earliest sign of allergies.

Due to a reduction in bacteria present, the immunity of a person and their ability to fight back diseases diminishes. Probiotics are similar to food that is not sterilized or pasteurized thereby exposing individuals to more bacteria than is normal.

This is beneficial for a person who has a history of allergies or a family full of allergies. Action can be taken to restrict the spreading of this allergy.

Stimulating an infant’s immunity with Probiotics is a good idea to prevent allergies from setting in. Probiotics help in preventing allergies rather than curing them.

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