Preventive Measures For Skin And Acne


Different people have got different skin type and accordingly one should take the preventive measures to wash or clean. Some have oily skin, combined skin and dry skin. 

For acne prone skin, you must first wash with Luke warm water to let your pores open and allow the cleansing. After this is done, splash your face with cold water to close the open pores. If you have acne then try this method.

Milk and curd can also be used for washing face, but this is not advisable for the oily skin. The lactic acid present in milk is good for anti ageing. It helps to shed dead cells or skin and rejuvenates skin and prevents skin from becoming dehydrated. Cold milk compresses and it’s fantastic for cooling your skin from hot sun heat. This immediately removes sun burn. However, if you have acne, don’t try with milk because milk is rich source of oil and so it will aggravate your pimples.

To relieve from sun burn you can apply multani mitty mixed with freshly ground sandalwood powder. This is better suited for oily skin instead of going for milk. The other good cleansing ingredients for skin include beson and oatmeal. Make a smooth paste out of them and gently apply on the skin and keep for twenty minutes and then rinse with water thoroughly. Cucumber juice is good for dark circles. Apply it on the particular area and see the difference. Papaya, strawberry and grape pulp for beautiful skin. They are best for toning your skin naturally.

Combined skin type can go for both the applications but in optimum amount.
While handling your skin always be gentle and patient, if not you may end up hurting your skin and this will remain as a spot on the skin permanently.

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