Prenatal Yoga leads to a Healthy and Smooth Pregnancy


prenatalyoga The Importance of Prenatal Yoga

Most international communities across the globe have found that prenatal yoga leads to a healthy and problem-free pregnancy. The word ‘yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit words for ‘union.’ Prenatal yoga brings the mind, body and spirit together, through various poses, meditation and breathing exercises.

Prenatal yoga consists of five basic tools or mudras, meditation, yoga exercises, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. Practicing prenatal yoga consistently enhances the health of the baby and the mother.

It also helps facilitate natural childbirth. Yogic exercises are particularly effective for the organs of the reproductive system and the pelvic area.

This ensures an easy delivery.  Research on prenatal yoga confirms that blood circulation is improved, which facilitates the passage of vital nutrients to the fetus.

The Mudras of Prenatal Yoga

Mudras are a kind of tool in prenatal yoga. Generally, mudras powerfully affect the reproductive system through the use of mere hand gestures and psychophysical stimulation. But the practice of prenatal yoga must be regular.

Meditation is a therapeutic tool which greatly helps the mother overcome feelings of depression, anxiety, and worry.  Women often suffer unusual states of mind when pregnant.

Meditation helps consciousness, which facilitates the bond between mother and child.  The breathing exercises help boost the amount of oxygen available in the body for both mother and child.  The breathing practice in prenatal yoga also amplifies body strength during and after pregnancy.

Complete Relaxation

In today’s world, prenatal yoga is very fashionable and is the most recommended workout for pregnant woman looking to improve their health.  Prenatal yoga is the simplest way to ensure a smooth pregnancy, free of complications.  The word yoga means union, derived from a Sanskrit word which means to join.

The ultimate goal of prenatal yoga is to bring together the mind, body and spirit with the help of yogic poses, meditation and breathing exercises.

It is best to consume lots of water before starting any exercise program, and this is also true of prenatal yoga.  Be sure to use pads, blankets or pillows to support your body during the exercise.

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