Post Pregnancy Exercise


May it be the pre-pregnancy period or the post pregnancy time, maintaining health is equally important for a pregnant woman.  If there are exercises to practice before the pregnancy, equally essential is the post pregnancy fitness. 

The ideal time for starting off is after the six-week postpartum checkup.  But, as long as you feel energetic, there is no firm rule as to when to start the post pregnancy exercises.  This depends on your capability of exerting your body.  The post pregnancy exercises are as follows.

Pelvic floor strengthener:

The pelvic floor strengthener is a very simple exercise.  For it you need to lie down on the floor, bend your knees and face upwards along with resting of your feet on the floor.  Then you require to tighten your vaginal muscles in a way you do to pose hurdles for urinary flow; release after holding for a few seconds.

Head and shoulder raises:

The exercise head and shoulder raises help as a perfect solution for shaping up your flabby abs.  For this exercise, you need to lie down on the floor on your back with your hands behind the head, and knees bent.  Then you will take a deep breath followed by the exhalation, but while exhale your need to tighten your abdominal muscles with lifting of your head and shoulders off the floor.  Now, gradually lower down to the floor.  This whole exercise is meant to be carried out 8 to 10 times repeatedly at once.

Pelvic tilt exercise:

The pelvic tilt exercise is done while lying down on the floor facing upward, folding of your knees and resting your feet on the floor.  Then, you will inhale, allowing your abs muscles’ expansion.  This will be followed by exhaling the air out and raising your tailbone towards the navel.  While doing so, you need to keep your hips on the floor at the top of the tilt while squeezing your butt.  Do for a few seconds and then release.  This exercise is also meant to be performed 8 to 10 times repeatedly at once.