Play safe with weight loss supplements

Today the generation is adopting at a rapid pace, modern and flashy lifestyle and moving away from nature. The result is more and more individuals facing the problem of being obese. It is really difficult to face the social stigma attached to being fat. Consequently, the popularity and demand of weight loss supplements has risen to a large extent. Weight loss supplements may include pills or herbs, medicines which are asserted by the manufacturers to help in weight loss. The rapid weight loss dietary supplements are extremely popular with people who do not have time to devote to other weight loss programs and demand a magical solution to their weight gain.

Now the problem arises that people, consuming such pills are not even aware of the fact that these diet weight loss supplements are not very safe and can have various side effects. An individual before using such supplements should consult their doctors and take expert’s advice. The trend is such that the doctors generally discourage the usage of such weight loss dietary supplements as opposed to the encouragement by the company manufacturing and supplying to the markets.

Today, there are various combination of weight loss supplements available in the market. But these do not fulfill the criteria laid down by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and lack approval by the medical community. Some of the products are banned for usage but still being marketed. The supplement such as Chromium, Chitosan and guar gum is a popular weight-loss supplement but better be avoided as the side effects could prove to be fatal.

There are many herbal weight loss supplements available in the market but they lack evidence regarding their efficiency. Some of such products may include ginseng, green tea, glucomannan, l-carnitine, pyruvate, hydroxycitric acid, ephedrine, conjugated linoleic acid, guarana etc.