Physical Therapy Exercises – For Healthy Body & Healthy Mind

Physical Therapy Exercises

Have you ever wondered why our ancestors never have such terminal diseases and illnesses that we know of today? Though they may have lived such a primitive and simple form of lifestyle, at least getting cancer and all those other untreatable illnesses was the least of their concern.

The reason is just as simple as some of us may not even be aware of, it’s because there bodies were accustomed to hard labors. In everyday, they get to stretch their bodies and muscles without spending a single penny juts to have the form that you may desire.

Simple house chores and daily routines eventually do such a job; their bodies have been sculpted by nature, so to speak. Today, since most of people would opt to have a white collar job or would rather work in an air-conditioned room than do the hard labors.

It is this same reason that muscles and other body parts that need to get stretched from time to time experiences numbness and pains. This is why your body is going to need physical therapy exercises which can be done even by yourself.

Here are few of the recognized way of physical therapy exercises, which may be good for your body as well.

Sole ball rolling a simple baseball or a tennis ball will do. Place it under your table and step on it, by putting your sole on the ball then apply pressure to it. Pressing it hard which will loosen your body’s muscle fascia, it will certainly cause some pain to you in doing this for the first time. However, after doing such a simple exercise it will loosen up all the tightness in your body and will allow your blood to circulate properly.

Samson stretch which is good for a person who sits the whole day in front of a desk. Sitting the entire day in front of your table tightens your hips flexor; therefore it is essential that you stretched it from time to time. To do the Samson stretch all you got to do is make a low lunge position while stretching your arms above your head.

Foam rolling which once performed loosens certain muscle areas and targets the tighter regions of your body. You can do this with by the use of a PVC pipe, the best and most recommended size would be the smaller once since it’s considered as the most effective and powerful to use. Juts wrap the pipe with cloth and put it on the floor, start rolling your muscle on it by doing the back and forth rolling strokes.

For more on other physical therapy exercises, just search the internet and find the most convenient and easy for you to do.