Phosphatidylserine Facts

phosphatidylserine facts

phosphatidylserine facts Phosphatidyserine is constituted of amino and fatty acids. Phosphatidyserine is extremely vital for proper brain functioning. It is generally found in meats and can be a great source of nutritional supplement.

Phosphatidyserine is generally found in large quantities in pig and chicken heart and also in bovine brain.  Proper body functioning and brain functioning can be made possible with Phosphatidyserine. Though it is found in the various cells of our body but it is generally found in our brain in larger quantities.

It aids in proper functioning of cell membranes in conjunction with brain chemicals. It also helps to keep the cell membranes healthy so that it helps in making use of the nutrients.  Phosphatidyserine is vital for our nerve tissue and also for our entire nervous system.

Phosphatidylserine And Its Relation To the Brain

As we grow older, quite naturally the Phosphatidyserine also decreases. The decrease in Phosphatidyserine is directly linked with our memory. Therefore, with a decrease in Phosphatidyserine there is a difficulty with being able to recollect properly in an individual.

Researchers have also proved that depression is directly related with low levels of Phosphatidyserine. When animals were administered Phosphatidyserine, it was observed that many age related neurological effects were gradually diminishing. Tests have also revealed that Phosphatidyserine helped to maintain and enhance memory.

Phosphatidyserine also helped in lowering the stress hormone named cortisol and also in proper working of other hormone levels. Phosphatidyserine is widely used by weight trainers for proper muscle recovery. It also helps in warding off any muscle breakdown and also helps in building immunity.

Sources Of Phosphatidyserine

It is a common fact that Phosphatidyserine supplements were made out of bovine brain. However, with the incidence of cow infections that were transmitting to humans, Phosphatidyserine is no longer derived from cows anymore. It is now sourced from soy or soy lecithin. White beans are also considered to be a good source of the compound.

Studies made in this light have shown that Phosphatidyserine derived from soy does not display the same positive results as that of bovine. However it was later established that a daily dosage of 200 mg if taken trice daily will show some marked improvement in the elderly.

However, the effectiveness of the supplement from bovine sources is still considered to be the best. Findings have also established the fact that the compound, Phosphatidyserine helps in proper nervous system functioning and prevents any disorders of the nervous system. Phosphatidyserine should strictly be taken under the guidance of a physician as side effects are also associated with this compound.

It is also known to interfere with other drugs. Phosphatidyserine is also known to contain phosphorous which aids in proper functioning of neuron transmitters that transmits the neurons to send messages to the brain. Several factors have been considered to be responsible for lower levels of Phosphatidyserine. It could be related to stress, metabolic disorders and a diet lacking in proper nutrients. Due to this the neural functions gradually decreases and lead to various disorders of the brain.

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