Nutrition in Vegetables


Overweight and obesity can increase the risk of heart problems, cholesterol and even early deaths. People now are avoiding fatty foods like meat, chicken, pork etc and are turning to vegetarian diet.

Whatever is your age, a planned vegetarian diet can give you all the nutrition you require, as vegetables are rich in nutrition. Even children can be taught to eat vegetables and vegetarian diets are healthy for elderly people, pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers.

Today vegetarian diet is a healthy life style followed by millions of people in the world.  It has been found that people who consume more of vegetables have reduced risk of cholesterol, diabetes and heart diseases.

Vegetables are fat free and full of nutrients needed for your body, and that is why vegetarian diet is so popular, because it provides you all the nutrients, without consuming any fat or calories.

The most valuable nutrients in vegetables are fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamin A for your eyes, vitamin K for your bones etc. and vegetables are also rich in beta carotene, lycopene and all carotenoids which prevent the risk of cancer. But since these nutrients are fat free, it is better to have them with a little fat, like adding a bit of olive oil or peanut butter to your vegetables, makes your vegetarian diet tastier and healthier. But that does not mean that vegetables and fat should be taken together, if anything else that you are eating along with the vegetables contain fat, then, you are covered.

Vegetarian diets can be nutritious and tasty like non-vegetarian diets, if they are well planned and you can make your children like them. A fussy eater can be given a mixed combination of vegetables to make the vegetarian diet nutritious. Vegetarian diet provides your child with the required nutrition and calories.

A vegetarian diet which contains dal cooked with vegetables like, bottle gourd, apple gourd, pumpkin and spinach is a very nutritious meal. When you cook the vegetables, cut the vegetables and cook them immediately, so as to avoid loss of nutrition.

A vegetarian diet is well balanced, because vegetables contain essential minerals, vitamins and fibre that are needed for good health.