Nose And Ear Blackheads

Blackheads are a plug of your skin’s natural lubricant that is dehydrated and stuck in your pores. Blackheads are yellow-black type of material present in a bump. This material is generally accumulated in the thin pocket of a sebaceous gland. A blackhead is also known technically as an open come done. It is caused by accumulation of excess oils in the sebaceous gland’s bump.
Blackheads on nose and ear are same. There is no difference between the both the blackheads. Both are painful and even treatments for both are also same. The hair follicle in nose and ear blackheads should be extracted with a good extractor with the help of a dermatologist. Blackheads can result from some reasons:

• The production of oil increases in your body with the use of oily things in access amount.

• When excess dead skin cells block the opening of pores.

• Sometimes your makeup doesn’t suit you and pimples appear as a result of infection.

• If you are having lack of water in your system.

• If your face having dirt or not cleansed properly.

Don’t try to scrub the pimple with your finger or anything as it may result to infection or can leave a scar on the affected area. Steps to get rid of blackheads on nose and ear are mentioned below:

• As nose and ear are very sensitive part you should take care them very well.

• Whenever you feel you are attacked with a pimple on your nose or ear, first thing you do is wash your hand and affected area with soap and remove all the makeup with gentle cleanser.

• Give steam to the affected area or you can put a warm towel on the affected area as it may help to open the pores.

• Cleanse the affected area cotton ball soaked in alcohol based astringent.

• Place the professional skin care tool over the blemish. Gently press and roll over the blemish.

• Allow the material to flow from the pore and after that cleanses the area well as it is necessary to avoid infection.

• Nose and ear blackheads can also be remove by light squeezing, exfoliating, and using chemical peels or by using a metallic extractor.

• Take lemon juice and boiled milk. Mix the both well. Apply on the face and wash after 10 minutes it will help you to get rid of pimples.

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